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Spyderco Tenacious Review

If you are looking for one of the best-selling knives in the past two years, then you really should give this Spyderco Tenacious Review a read. Amazon and the other major retailers keep announcing the sold out status of this knife every once in a while. That just goes on to show the buying power of

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And the Best Survival Knife of 2015 is….

Just like the name, survival knives are a special knives which made for survival tools while you are in the wilderness. Usually, people use their survival knives while they are in an emergency situation and they lost or can not find their main equipments. In the military, usually every military pilots have their own survival

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Spyderco Knife

There are so many reasons for people to buy a survival knife. Some of them buy it for protection purpose, some other do it for all purpose tool which they can bring when they go hunting or camping in the wilderness. Thanks to the power of the internet, now you can find various kind of

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