Spyderco Domino Review

If you are in search of a knife with stellar performance and a pretty decent price, then check out my Spyderco Domino review. You will be able to find all the features which have been previously featured in the Spyderco knives, as well as a fantastic fit and unique finish.

As you will see, I am pretty excited writing this review but that’s because Spyderco Domino has been my latest purchase and I am totally blown away by the quality and design of this knife. Before we go into details, let’s see what’s the specification of the Domino knife:

Spyderco Domino Review: All Details at a Glance

Spyderco Domino ReviewFeatures

  • Made of materials of the highest grade
  • Tested for durability and quality
  • The most trusted name in your cutlery needs
  • A Kit Carson-inspired flipper opener
  • Full flat-ground blade
  • CTS HXP steel 
  • Other features are listed here


  • Closed length of 4.55 inches
  • Overall length of 7.68 inches
  • Blade length of 3.13 inches
  • Edge of 2.94 inches
  • Blade thickness of 0.118 inches
  • Handle material: Carbon fiber laminate and titanium
  • Weight of 4.1 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 6.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
  • Shipping weight of 5 ounces 


The blade which has been featured is a classic Spyderco leaf shape with a full flat grind and a very fine tip. It includes everything which you would be looking for in an EDC knife. It is considered to be a good knife for cutting and slicing. 


The handle of the Spyderco Domino is a faux carbon fiber scale over a titanium liner. This has been included with a titanium frame lock. It also includes flow-through construction, a sleeved lanyard hole, and a steel lockbar insert. This also doubles up as a lockbar stabilizer. 


The ergonomics of this knife are pretty good and includes all the things which you would expect from a knife of this caliber. The handle is quite big to fit the whole palm. The choil gives you plenty of opportunity for placing your fingers. There is a mild run of jimping on the spine of the knife. This allows the efficient cutting of objects without being overly aggressive. 

Pocket clip

The pocket clip is quite sturdy and functional. It has been given a black chrome finish which is better than the satin finish any day. The handle has also been drilled for carrying four ways without encountering any problems. I like it a lot.

Lockup and deployment

The Domino features a flipper which ensures the smooth flipping of the knife. The detent is so well tuned that it just juts out of the handle in an instant. The knife is also very fluid when using the thumb hole.

For the lockup, a steel insert has been included. This performs double duty. This also prevents you from over-extending the knife and thus disengaging the lock – a pretty convenient and user friendly feature.

Spyderco Domino Review: The Pros & Cons


  • The smoothest and most comfortable EDC blade I’ve seen
  • Includes premium materials and design features
  • Satin finished blade (I love how it looks)
  • Holds a fine edge during cutting and slicing
  • Quite durable 


  • Unusual appearance of the handle
  • Considered to be quite expensive (although I bought it much cheaper here on Amazon)

Spyderco Domino: The Bottom Line

To wrap up my Spyderco Domino review, the Domino is considered to be a fantastic knife. It has all the features which you would be looking in a typical EDC knife. This includes pocket clip with four corners, thumb hole, and good ergonomics. It handles well, the blade is sharp as hell and it looks gorgeous. That’s pretty much everything what makes the great knife, isn’t?

  • Blade
  • Handle
  • Design
  • Price

Final Thoughts:

I hope that after reading the whole Spyderco Domino review, you will also agree with me that it is one of the finest products from Spyderco. If you're as excited as I am about this knife, you may want to use this link to get the best deal (I've found it when searching for the cheapest option few weeks ago). For me, the Spyderco Domino is absolutely worth the price.